The legendary techno places

Love the beats but don’t know where to go? Heading abroad and want to explore a foreign club scene? We’ve got you covered, narrowing down the best techno cities in the world. Read more below and discover where tops our list.

1. Berlin

Berlin’s global reputation as a cetentre for party people is bolstered by the quantity of talent emerging from the German capital who go on to tear up the electronic music scene.

Berghain: One of the most famous clubs in the world, Berghain is as renowned for the top-notch DJs who play there as it is for its formidable doormen, who add to the club’s enduring mystery and glamour.

2. St Petersburg

Russia’s cultural capital is where the careers of the country’s leading musicians took off. Offering a great selection of EDM clubs, with more of an inclination to gritty, underground music, St Petersburg is where it’s at for any hardcore techno fan.

Griboedov Club: The oldest club in St Petersburg, a mainstay of the techno scene and an underground haven where you can expect to hear a range of wonky, detroit and hard techno.

3. Barcelona

The Spanish city is brimming with techno gems, and given Spaniards’ cultural inclination towards partying (normally staying out till 10am) you can expect to have an amazing time. With high status music festivals like Primavera Sound and Sónar, as well as a roster of big-name international DJs, Barcelona’s got it going on.

Moog: A tiny club just off Las Ramblas. Not very glamorous but internationally renowned for the calibre of techno beats it lays down.

4. Kiev

Kiev might not pull headliners of the same calibre of other, more established, European techno scenes but it definitely has something special. The dance music scene attracts a brilliant crowd, often hundreds and hundred of people, without stand-out international acts. Perfect when you want to cut the hype, focus on the music and vibe with fellow techno fans.

Closer: Housed in a disused factory and located in the attractive district of Podil, Closer offers visitors an old-school rave culture atmosphere and plenty of space. 

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