The most famous DJs

Even though DJs tend to mix and use other people’s work they are very popular artists in their own right. Many DJs can turn a night around simply by creating the right mix, cutting some beats and transitioning between unexpected songs. Their lifestyle is also seen to be rather glamorous as they get to go to all the best parties and to travel the world to do shows. With so much travel they have a lot of freedom though they have to be careful to not become a tax nomad. What is a tax nomad you ask? Simply someone who isn’t in one country for a long enough period of time to pay tax. Not a good strategy and there are actual sites helping budding DJs not to fall into this problem.

David Guetta

Possibly one of the most well known DJs in the world, Guetta has been making music since the 1990s. It wasn’t until more recently though that his solo career really took off. 2009 saw him burst uncontrollably onto the scene with “When Love Takes Over” and firmly cemented him as one of the worlds most favourite and successful DJs.


Since the mid 200s Skrillex or Sonny John Moore has composed and created rock records. Looking like a hard-core star he has been highly successful in his transition to electronic music.

Steve Aoki

Another very popular artist, Steve Aoki uses dubstep, progressive house and even electronica in his music to create a strong dance beat. Described by Paul Rosenburg as a “genre defining musical entity,” he goes from strength to strength.


One of the lesser-known DJs in the world, Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 is known for being somewhat temperamental particularly if let loose online. However in the 2016 Tomorrowland he was right at the top of his game proving that he will always be someone to watch out for.

Of course there are many more notable DJs such as Tiesto, Calvin Harris And Martin Garrix that are all but household names. The latter is tantamount to a child prodigy when it comes to his ability to manipulate electronic music into such amazing sounds.